Welcome to Irish Fairy Castles

With over 30 years experience in Specialised Hand Crafted Garden Designs, Our design team will work closely with all of our clients to design your one of a kind piece and create a very unique handcrafted feature of which Fairy Castles & Water Features are our trademark and specialty.

The process starts with a meeting of our design team to discuss exactly what you need and from there we look after the rest. Using only quality materials for construction from start to finish you know your going to have an end product to enjoy for years to come at a price that can suit any budget.

We also design and construct a wide range of waterfalls, paving rocks, planters, rock effect walls, oak/driftwood waterfalls, grotto’s, monolithic boulders, ponds, fairy gardens and many more interesting pieces.

Have a browse through our gallery for some of our work completed and feel free to call us anytime to discuss any of our work and how we can help you build your very own masterpiece.

Barry Mulpeter
087 777 9776

Some of our recent work

  • In Bog Oak/Yew and Driftwood
    Bog Oak Cascade
  • In Bog Oak/Yew and Driftwood
    Bog Oak Piece
  • In Bog Oak/Yew and Driftwood
    Bog Oak Stream
  • In Bog Oak/Yew and Driftwood
    Bog Oak Waterfall
  • In Bog Oak/Yew and Driftwood
    Neolithic Waterfall
  • In Fairy Castles
    Brown Fairy Planter
See more of our work

It is about us creating a one off handcrafted piece of magic for your garden

We can help you choose a piece for your garden handcrafted to your specifications.

If you don’t see what you want on the website don’t be afraid to ask I won’t charge for advice etc.

See some of our work in action on YouTube